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02 September 2014 @ 11:50 pm
Hello again!

This will be a short update because right now, I can feel the pressure in work and in school. I'm currently doing two plans for our upcoming branches (more updates soon) and since it's already a "ber" month, I'm also thinking what will be the theme for this year's Christmas Decor in Calamba branch. At my post-baccalaureate course, this coming Saturday will be our last day in Module two. So in short, hello finals! Kailangan ko na mag-aral!

That's it. I just want to rant share what I've been doing lately. Also, I want to share this screenphoto of Sho in LOVE Live Tour 2013 because this describes what I'm feeling right now...

(Oh, d ba? gulat lang :p ; Screenphoto by me)
Oh yeah, I'm going to share this too...

Is it applicable? hehehe...
Stay cool, peepz!
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12 August 2014 @ 11:53 pm
Hello my dear followers! (If I still have one)

I'm really sorry for not updating this blog for *drum roll* TWO YEARS! I've been busy on work/personal life to the point I can't post an update about me and my everyday life. (Plus I'm lazy to think on what subject/topic I should post here. Heh.) Anyway, I won't make this I'm Sorry introduction long because I'm hoping that you want to know what were the events/experiences happened to me in the span of 2 years.

Honestly, it is kinda hard to think what topics I should share because there are a lot of interesting (for me) stories I want to tell here. But I need to control myself because if not, this post will turn into a novel. Believe me.

First, about my job. Even though it takes most of my time, I can say that I'm happy with my work now as Chief Creative Officer at our family business. For those who are curious about my job, I'm the one who's responsible on the "image" of our business. I've been doing this since I was in college but I officially started in year 2011 when I designed our first Metro Manila franchise branch. Then on the following years, I designed four more branches nationwide. This year, I already designed two branches. One in Balanga, Bataan and the other one is in Ususan, Taguig.

(TEFC Balanga, Bataan Branch. Photos by me)

(TEFC Ususan, Taguig Branch. Photo by my brother )

Aside from doing designs for TEFC, I also did two residential projects last year. My first residential project was a collaboration with my friend, Clauds. I helped her designing the Entertainment Area and gave her some design advice when needed. The second project is very important to me because it's our house. I got excited and at the same time a little bit of fear when my dad told me that I'll be in charge of the interior design of our soon-to-be house. During the construction, I experienced the worst feeling that you can feel but it will be wiped away every time I see the progress of our house.

(During the construction. Photos by me)

Next news is about my new adventure. Two months ago, Donna and I enrolled on a post-baccalaureate course in DLS-CSB under the SPaCE Program. So far, we're enjoying this course and we learned a lot specially on the marketing side. The picture that I'm going to share here was our final exam during our first module. We need to showcase what we learned in Module 1 by making a mock event. Our group (and we named it as threesixty) showed it by doing a fundraising event with the title "Pay It Forward". It was inspired on the movie Pay It Forward and the book The Secret where the moral lesson is the same: "Do good and good will come to you." For our beneficiary, we chose Benildean Deaf Association because we want to help them to spread their advocacy that even though they have disability, they can do the same thing like how normal people do.

(Upper photos: Set-up for our mock event; Lower photo: Meet the Team ThreeSixty. Photos by David Garmsen except on the middle photo.)
Another good thing happened to me this year when my one of my closest friends, Niko, told us that he's taking a more than a month vacation here in the Philippines! *throws confetti* Five years ago, Niko and his mom migrated to New Jersey, USA. Then after year and a half, he went back here for a vacation. So for three and a half years, we didn't see him except in facebook and in skype. That is why when he announced that he's coming here, we can't hide our excitement. During his stay here, I made the most of the time to be with him because he told us that he doesn't know when will be his next vacation here because he's going to be busy on his college life in Denver. Although I felt a little bit of sadness but nevertheless, I'm very happy for him because I know this will make him happy. *Smile*

(Niko and I during our beach escapade in Laiya, Batangas. Photo by me
Lastly, I want to share this photo of me with my newest addition on my Arashi Collection. Last week, I received this lovely LOVE Concert DVD of Arashi courtesy of Ems (again, thank you so much!). I haven't watch it because I'm too busy on work. I'm hoping that I can watch this within this week because gaaah! I'm so intrigued now after seeing some screenshots from other fans (and honestly, I'm this cloooooose on watching some videos that I see on facebook!).

So, that's all for now. I hope I can update this blog (and my other blogs too) from time to time. Hehehe. Also, you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and on Tumblr!

Sincerely yours,

Jo <3
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14 January 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Hello to my fellow followers! :)
(Belated) Happy New Year to all of you! How are you now? Sorry for my long "hiatus" here on LJ *bows low*. But I'm here again with my first post/update for the year 2012 *throws confetti*. How did I celebrate New Year?
Like the previous years (7 years to be exact), we checked-in again in one of condo-tels in Makati City. Around 8pm, we attended the New Year's Eve Mass in Greenbelt Chapel. After the mass, we (me and my brother) waited patiently for theMedia Noche (Midnight Meal). At 12mn, we watched the fireworks while jumping (because there's a belief that when the clock strikes 12mn you should jump for 15 minutes so that you'll get taller). Then, after the "fireworks display show", some of my kabarkadas went to our unit to visit me and of course, to celebrate new year with me.
Here are some photos:

Greenbelt's Christmas Decor

Our Media Noche

Meet my mom and my brother

The Drinking Session with Kabarkadas

My Kabarkadas before they went home (BTW, we finished around 5 am XD)

And of course, our obligatory wacky shot

I slept around 6 am already but before I hit the sack, I checked the view of the metro because i want to see the first sunrise of 2012. But this is what I saw... A HEAVY SMOG! 


But even there was a heavy smog, it didn't fail me to see the first sunrise of 2012 :)
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and stop pretending"

- from the song "Not Like The Movies" bu KC Concepcion

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04 June 2011 @ 09:13 pm
 hello to all my LJ friends :D (if i still have a followers here ^^;; )

i know.. i didn't make any posts here for 5 months?? 

again, i'm sorry *bows low* 

i owe you a lot of stories..  i don't want to promise but i'll try my best to post it here even if it is too late to post XD (well i believe in the saying that "it's better to be late than never" XD)

so please, wait for my "latest" story :D

xoxo <3  
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07 January 2011 @ 09:35 pm

hi guys! like what i've said on my previous post, i'm sorry for not posting/updating here... but this year, i'll try my best to update here.. so let's start? :D

There are many things happened to me in the year 2010... good and bad... but i'm just going to share the good memories because i don't (as much as possible) want to remember the bad stuffs..  ^^;; so here's the list (not in particular order):

-  barkada trip and exotics in one swimming party (thanks donna for making this dream come true :D)
-  first exotics' beach escapade in Anvaya Cove, Bataan <3
-  PSID batch 2010's graduation
-  our group's written thesis became finalist in best written thesis category   
-  to be featured in a designer's magazine (our group and our booth)
-  our group's booth won as the over-all best booth in our graduation :D
-  won first place in unilever's design contest (with my partner, ina)
-  exotics' retreat (CSB retreat) 
-  PSID batch 2010's Teambuilding
-  Planning/Concstruction Days (only the good parts XDXD)
-  Opening Night and Closing Party of Caleidoscope Exhibit
-  Tambay/ Party moments with Barkada Trip
-  Jogging Nights in Bonifacio High Streets
-  BOXING!!! :D
-  U-Kiss Concert in Manila (with my brother's kpop friends XD)
-  Air Supply Concert in Manila (with Anna and Kukai)
-  Color Consultant in True Value for a month (school practicum)
-  attended my first seminar related to my field
-  more family bonding
-  gadgets and clothing spree~~ 
-  Kukai's 18th Birthday
-  Reconciliation with one of my friends :)

I can't remember the others but for sure, there are  A LOT of good and sweet memories happened last year... i hope that for this year, i'll have another set of good memories to keep :)

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02 January 2011 @ 10:18 pm

hi! sorry for not updating.. i've been busy because of my thesis.. but now, i'm done and just waiting for my graduation in csb... so for sure i'll update (or should i say, re-live? XD) more often now ~ i hope my followers/friends here are still in my list~ please forgive me ne? ^^:; *bows low*

and oh~! just in case you forgot, i'm also in tumblr, twitter and plurk.. just look for this name >>>> mojojowan 8-)

and also, i want to greet my lovely neighbors here in lj a HAPPY 2011~!!! :D (it's better to be late than never right? ^^;;;)
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07 September 2010 @ 01:56 pm

CaleIDoscope 2010 Batch Shirt

Coming Soon :)

model: Karina Casin
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29 August 2010 @ 10:59 pm

CaleIDoscope 2010... Coming Soon :)
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11 April 2010 @ 11:49 pm

aside from my livejournal and vox, i'm also in tumblr now .. :)

like in my two blogs, i will also post my works, pics to share, etc. except for my personal entries... i think ^^;;

anyway, here's the link : www.mojojowan.tumblr.com 

if you have an account there, please don't forget to follow me :D


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